Merida photos … and a note to Gov. Perry of Texas!

I’ll be blogging later to answer some of the questions raised by readers of my Washington Post op-ed.  It was also published in the Diario de Yucatan in Spanish.

But in the meantime, here are Merida Photos by Noah Wilson.  He’s my 22 year old nephew and full of talent. He came down to Merida for a week in January. It was his first trip to Mexico and he had a great time, even taking the local bus from Cancun to Merida. Like my sister and me, he wandered around Merida at all hours with no problems.  He loved the food, people, culture, and yes, the margaritas.  His Spanish turned out to be pretty good — hope he goes back soon to get fluent.

I was surprised to hear that Texas officials are advising students not to go to Mexico for spring break.  Maybe they just meant the border areas. Everyone should always be careful when traveling — I am– and that means checking out any location.  But there are lots of places in Mexico where young people can go safely.  If they want to get crazy when they get there, though, they should just stay home where their local police can worry about them.  Not a big fan of spring break American student style.But I am all for seeing this changing world of ours. More students should take the time to do it.

Enjoy the show.  Merida and other cities that work are a lot more than pretty photos, but that’s another post.



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2 Responses to Merida photos … and a note to Gov. Perry of Texas!

  1. Megan Lewis says:

    Hello Edie,
    I was referred to your blog by a Spanish Professor at University of South Florida/Sarasota-Manatee Campus. I’m writing to ask permission to send this post to our Facebook Fan Page. (look for EducationUSA Mexico City) We are a U.S. State Department supported advising center that works to facilitate international exchange at the higher education level and we think that U.S. universities who look at our page might be interested in your blog.

    Thank you!

    • Edie says:

      Of course, glad to have you do that. Very sorry for the delay in responding. Will be trying to catch up on more posts about this in coming days. I had to take a break for a little while. But am just back from Mexico City, and there is lots going on to talk about. Please stay in touch and look for some posts soon about Mexico’s growing debate about its international and national reputation.

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