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What’s different this time in Mideast changes?

Author Malcolm Gladwell told Fareed Zaharia on the terrific new CNN program Global Public Square (GPS) that social media role in Mideast uprisings was “overhyped.”  He pointed to successful revolutions that took place pre-Facebook, in particular the fall of the Berlin … Continue reading

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Bahrain’s Brand: When Moderation Dies

A brand is what you are known for, like it or not.  I write sometimes about country brands, and that’s essentially what I was describing in my Washington Post op-ed about Merida, Mexico two weeks ago – a place that deserves … Continue reading

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Questions about “the Other Mexico” op-ed

How did I come to write this article for the Washington Post? Every day in Merida, I had to write an essay for my Spanish course.  This was the piece I wrote on my last day of class, trying to … Continue reading

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Merida photos … and a note to Gov. Perry of Texas!

I’ll be blogging later to answer some of the questions raised by readers of my Washington Post op-ed.  It was also published in the Diario de Yucatan in Spanish. But in the meantime, here are Merida Photos by Noah Wilson.  He’s … Continue reading

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Social capital in the other Mexico…

Apologies for not blogging more recently but I was living and studying in Merida, Yucatan for a month. Here’s an op-ed I just wrote for the Washington Post asking why is it that this city in Mexico is doing so … Continue reading

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